Blue Star Mothers of America's Guide to Post Traumatic Stress & Traumatic Brain Injury-

With the return of troops from war zones, the incidences of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms are on the rise. Debriefings for troops returning from a war zone usually include information about PTS. However, the troops' families and friends do not automatically receive relevant information on how to identify and deal with their loved one's PTS symptoms, which can include excessive anger, debilitating depression, and suicidal thoughts.

With the hopes of promoting understanding and providing resources for the families of returning troops, Blue Star Mothers of America have prepared a Guide to Post Traumatic Stress. This 16-page document includes basic information to help family members understand and identify PTS, a list of resources, and personal touches in poems and letters written by moms dealing with their sons and daughter's PTS.

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Guide to Post Traumatic Stress


Suicide Prevention:

Vets 4 Warriors

Military OneSource


Active Heroes

Veterans Crisis Line

Lifeline for Vets



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Guide for Families

Guide for Military

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Wounds of War

Some wounds of war
Are never seen
They're buried deep within
No open wound
No Purple Heart
No blemish on the skin
But these are wounds
That leave a scar
Upon our very soul
They tear our hearts
Cause misery
And take a heavy toll
Our bloodless wounds
Cause us to ask
Oh GOD,what was it for
We go through life
Not knowing why
We have these Wounds of War